The Abortion

A difficult conflict that Julia faces in this novel is that of whether or not to get an abortion. Her husband, Bertrand made it very clear that if she did not get an abortion, they would be getting a divorce. He was having a midlife crisis and felt that this child would ruin him. Julia had to chose between her husband, and her unborn child. Her sister Charla reminded her that it is Julia’s child too. If she wants to keep it, then Bertrand has no right to make her do otherwise. When reading the novel, I could really tell that Julia did not want to abort the child. She really became attatched to it and it pained her deeply that Bertrand did not feel the same way. Despite her feelings she makes all the appointments to have an abortion. Right before the operation, something makes her realize that this is not what she wants. She gets up and leaves the hospital without an abortion. I was very happy that she did this. If she had went through with it, I think she would have been very disappointed in herself. It was very selfish of Bertrand to ask her to abort the child that she wanted so much. He was not loyal to Julia as he had been having an ongoing affair with a woman named Amelie. If she aborted the child and found out about his affair with Amelie I think that Julia would’ve been devasted.

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