Julia’s Baby

During the novel we learn that Julia choses not to abort the child. Jarmond and her recieve a divorce and Julia moves to New York. In the last few chapters of the novel, we learn that Julia has had the baby. De Rosnay leaves the reader in suspense as she only refers to the baby as “the child”. It is not until the second last page of the novel, that we learn she named her child Sarah. Sarah Starzynski changed Julia’s life. She would never forget her. This child also changed Julia’s life. There was no other name that she could have possibly given the baby. I think it was a very nice way to pay respect to Sarah. It was Julia’s way of showing her sympathy to the entire Starzynski family and to make them aware of how much the whole situation matter to her. William was shocked when Julia told him she named her daughter after his mother. This was something they shared. They figured out the story of Sarah together, and even though the novel never tells the reader if anything happens between Julia and William, I think they will end up together. They have developed such a strong bond that I don’t think they can ever forgot each other.

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