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In 2010, the novel Sarah’s Key was made into a film. I was very excited when I saw this because it is a nice way to understand the book better. It is interesting to see how one person interprets the novel and how they visualize the characters. I hope to be able to have an opprotunity to watch this film as I really enjoyed the novel and I am sure that I will enjoy watching the film. I am interested to see how the producers chose to organize the various events that occur in the novel. In the book, it skips back and forth between two different settings, so I would like to see if they chose to do that in the movie as well.

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  1. Het is een mooi triestig verhaal over de oorlog,ik ben benieuwd hoe het gaat met de kinderen van William Rainsferd die in Italie woonde.Sarah moet veel verdriet gekend hebben na het verlies van haar familie en zeker van haar broertje die opgesloten was.

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