What Happens to Sarah?

A big mystery in this novel is of Julia trying to uncover what happened to Sarah. Julia puts a lot of effort into finding Sarah when she learns that, after Sarah moved to America, she wrote to the Dufaure’s once to tell them she is getting married and no more letters were sent after that. Sarah left  no trace of where she was living but she did write that the man she was marrying was named Richard J. Rainsferd. With the help of her sister, Julia was able to track down where this man was living. After travelling to his house in Connecticut she finds that Richard’s wife is not Sarah. Sarah had died in a car accident years earlier and he remarried. Julia was shocked at this and she still felt that she needed to tell someone that Sarah and her family will never be forgotten. After learning that Sarah had a son who now lives in Italy, Julia travels there to meet him. She started to talk about Sarah and everything that happened to her. Her son, William, was not aware of the tragedies that his mother endured. William was not happy by what Julia told him and he never wanted to see her again. In time, he wanted to talk more about it and he even showed Julia a journal that his mother kept. It was in French so William could not understand it, but Julia translated it for him. After reading it, they learn that Sarah could not handle the burden of her brother, Michel’s death. She always felt responsible for it and she tried to hide her past from everyone. This pressure was too much for her and she even says that she wants to die. Julia and William learned that Sarah didn’t slip on black ice and hit and tree. She killed herself. The mystery of what happened to Sarah was finally revealed.

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