Latter Conflict

Throughout the rest of the novel I found there to be three main conflicts being developed and resolved. The first being about Julia’s struggle to find out the story of Sarah and where she was. Her research took her to Gaspard Dufaure. He was the grandson of Jules and Geneviève who spent a lot of time with Sarah as she grew up in that family. He told Julia that Sarah had moved to the United States when she was 20 to start a new life and try to forget about the past. The last the Dufaure family heard from her was that she was going to get married to a man named Richard Rainsferd. They did not know where in the States she was living or anything else about her whereabouts. After more searching, Julia finds the address of Richard Rainsferd in Connecticut. When Julia arrives there, she finds that Sarah died years ago in a car accident. It appeared that she had slipped on black ice and ran straight into a tree. Richard’s new wife leads her to Sarah and Richard’s son, William. He lived in Lucca Italy. Julia then travels there to tell him that Sarah will never be forgotten by her and the Tezac family. When she finally meets William she learns that Sarah hid her past from her husband and son. It caused her so much distress that she killed herself. It turns out that she did not slip on black ice, but rather she purposely drove the car right into the tree.

This leads to the second conflict. That of William Rainsferd trying to come to terms with the truth that he has now learned. When Julia made him aware of the realities his mother went through he had a lot of difficulty with it. At first he is very mad at Julia for telling him this, but eventually he accepts it and appreciates what she told him. His wife didn’t understand what he was going through and he could not explain it to her. The two ended up divorced. He starts to figure things out in his life and he moves to New York. Later he meets up with Julia once again to talk to her. It seems that they have a connection between them and they both truly care about each other and what they are going through. De Rosnay does not reveal if the two end up together but it appears that this might be the case.

Similarly the last conflict involves Julia and Bertrand. Julia really wants to have the child she is pregnant with. On the other hand Bertrand does not want it in his age. Julia has to decide between the child and her husband. In the end, she chooses the child. Bertrand told her that if she had the child, they would need to get a divorce. That is what they did. When this happens, Julia finds out that Bertrand is still in love with the women he had been having an affair with, Amelie. After all this, Julia decides it is best for her to move to New York city. When she is there she ends up meeting up with William once again. She has a boyfriend there named Neil but she doesn’t truly love him. As mentioned above, De Rosnay does not tell the reader if anything happens between Julia and William. I think the two end up together as they have such a strong emotional connection. The child that Julia ends up having is a girl. She knows without a doubt to call the girl Sarah.

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Initial Conflict

The main conflict in the novel is that of Julia trying to figure out Sarah’s story. Not many people will co-operate with her in her search as they don’t wish to think about the horrible things that happened in the past. There is also the conflict of Sarah trying to get back home to try and save her brother, as she doesn’t know if anyone took him out of the cupboard. Then there is another conflict between Julia and Bertrand. She found out that she is pregnant. Julia thought her husband would be happy to hear this as he always wanted a second child. To her despair when she told him, he said he was too old for a child and it wouldn’t fit into their lives. Bertrand also said that if Julia has the child it will be the end of their marriage. So Julia has a big decision to make.

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