Latter Setting

The first setting from the past only changes once more. After the authorities find and take Rachel away, Sarah remains living with the Dufaures. She is determined to go back to her apartment in Paris to make sure her brother is alright. The Dufaures accompany her on this trip as it would be too dangerous for her to go on her own. Despite challenges, the three arrive at the apartment. Sarah anxiously runs up to her room to find another family living in her apartment. Brushing past them she races to the cupboard and unlocks it. Once she finds her brother is in there and has died the Dufaures take her back to their farm. She remains their until she is 20 years old and they raise her as their own daughter. This is the end of the setting in the story from the past.

The second story remains in France for the most part. Towards the end of the novel Zoe and Julia go on vacation to Long Island to visit Julia’s sister Charla. Their visit to Long Island is short lived as Julia goes on a hunt to find Sarah. Initially she goes to Connecticut where she believes Sarah lives with her husband. Once she gets there she realizes that Sarah has passed away but has a son who lives in Lucca Italy. Determined to tell him that Sarah will forever be in her memory, Julia, along with Zoe, fly there to meet him. The visit doesn’t go as well as planned as Sarah’s son William did not know about Sarah’s past. The setting switches back to Paris France for a short time as Julia and Bertrand figure things out. Eventually, the two divorce and Julia moves to New York city to start a new life with her two daughters.

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Initial Setting

This novel takes place in two different settings. The first is in Paris, France in July of 1942. It starts in the Starzynski apartment, where Sarah lives with her parents and younger brother. Then the setting changes when they are forced out of their home and into the Vélodrome d’Hiver along with thousands of other Jewish people. Later, the setting changes again as they are taken on trains to an unknown area. Eventually we learn that they were taken to the Beaune-la-Rolande internment camp. In time, Sarah escapes and the setting changes to the home of a farmer and his wife in southeast Orleans. These various settings are all very important to the history that is in this novel. It shows what happened to a lot of the Jews and gives us an idea of the various places they were forced to go.

The second setting follows Bertrand, Julia, and Zoë Tézac in Paris, France in May of 2002. This setting sticks in France as the family is moving into a new home, and Julia is travelling around France taking a close look at various internment camps in order to write an article on the Vélodrome d’Hiver roundup. This setting is important to the story as it connects Julia to Sarah Starzynski as Julia is moving into the apartment that Sarah and her family were forced out of. We find out what happened to Sarah and if she survived or not based on the research that Julia does on her. Recently Julia found out that she was pregnant. She was quite happy about the news, but her husband felt much differently. He does not want her to have the baby and suggests she get an abortion.

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